Michael Malizia


Michael Malizia blends traditional mediums such as oil, acrylic and encaustic with the tangible evidence of experience to create complex, soulful compositions. His intention is not to hit his viewer over the head with a message. But rather to create works that seduce his audience with their surface beauty, then suggest further contemplation through their use of materials. By incorporating scraps of antique kimono fabric into “Nami,” Malizia’s wave image celebrates the power and beauty of the ocean while referencing the environmental dangers of “fast fashion.” In “Pharmaceutical” an upbeat runway model’s career, on closer inspection, is fuelled by the pills she abuses in an effort to “fit in” at work. In the very personal “Youth,” Malizia cuts up and repurposes his own daughter’s childhood drawings in an effort to capture and preserve the wonder, excitement and individuality he fears she’ll lose as society’s expectations creep in. Inspired by current events and his everyday life, Malizia executes each work with the intention of creating something beautiful and enjoyable, but also thoughtful and poignant.
Michael Malizia’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the US, featured in The Huffington Post, Just Luxe Magazine and Design NJ, and is included in private and corporate collections across the US. He currently lives and works in New Jersey.